Manga & Anime as Japanese cultures || Many Japanese Comics are available || Anime Illustrations on a wall for each season

Welcome to Astro Station, Anime Community Cafe
Concept of Cafe

Concept of Cafe

“Anime & Manga Cafe”
Astro Station is a perfect place to enjoy Japanese Anime and Manga, attracting Anime Fans all over the world.
Based on Japanese Manga Cafe, Astro Station represents entirely new place blending Manga and Anime as Japanese Fascinating Culture to the World.
In particular, there are many Japanese popular comics translated to English. Walls of all 13 rooms are decorated with original anime illustrations painted by Japanese illustrators with decorated cushions as well.
In the cafe, shower booths for both genders, rest rooms, and free drink services are available.

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Room Details

Rooms decorated with Anime Illustrations

There are 13 customer booths in the cafe, and each booth is in cubic shape, so its enjoyable individually.
Each booth is decorated with large wall paper painted by Japanese Anime Illustrators in 4 meters width, 1.5 meters height. Seats and cushions are painted with illustrations as well.

Besides, these anime illustrations are completely original, and will be changed every 3 months.
(We have prepared few booths without illustrations.)

Astro Station Map

Cafe Location

Astro Station is located 2 minutes of walk from Takadanobaba station in JR Yamanote-line.

From Astro Station to “Anime/Geek” cities.
26 minutes to Akihabara in JR Yamanote-line(transfer at Iidabashi)
5 minutes to Nakano in Tokyo-metro(without transfer)

From terminals to Astro Station
8 minutes to Ikebukuro in JR Yamanote-line
5 minutes to Shinjuku in JR Yamanote-line
12 minutes to Shibuya in JR Yamanote-line
30 minutes to Asakusa in Tokyo-Metro Asakusa-line
30 minutes to Tokyo in Tokyo-Metro Marunouhi-line
59 minutes to Narita Airport via Nippori
49 minutes to Haneda Airport via Shinagawa



Astro Station offers convenient plans to each customer.

Basic Plan(All Room)
⇒12:00-17:00 500yen Short Stay Plan(All Room)
⇒12:00-17:00 1,500yen Long Stay Plan
・Anime Room(3.15m2) 4,500yen
・Spacious Room(4.41m2) 4,000yen
・Nomal Room(2.1m2) 3,500yen

Stay Set
⇒200yen Theater Room(1H Pack※MAX 3H)
⇒500yen Cinema(DVD)

Wall Paper
⇒40,000yen Anime Collaboration Goods
Online Reservation

Reserve Now

Reserve Now

3-1-4 Hishida Bld.3F, Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 169-0075, Japan